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Taste (Bleepin’) Merlot on the 10th Anniversary of ‘Sideways’

Hard to believe, but it has been 10 years since the movie Sideways turned the wine industry on its ear, briefly derailing sales of Merlot and provoking widespread planting of Pinot Noir vines. As fans of the movie will recall,

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Sips and Swirls Between the Songs: Where to Find Great Wine Near This Year’s Biggest Music Festivals

Rare is the wine festival that does not include some sort of music. The type of music doesn’t seem to matter; the wine-drinking experience just seems to be enhanced by melodic sounds. We’re now deep into America’s music festival season,

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Bite This! Reno Plans a Wining and Dining Spectacular

Las Vegas is the undisputed casino gambling capital of the world. The famed Las Vegas Strip is lined with hotels that house restaurants developed — and sometimes even staffed — by celebrity chefs. That makes Vegas a culinary capital as

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Celebrate the 4th in Style — With Wine on Long Island

A week from today, we celebrate America’s independence. And what better way to do so than by raising a glass of wine? Several wineries on New York’s Long Island will be hosting special events over the long weekend, including on

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Taste the Best That Michigan Has to Offer

Winning wines from the 2014 Michigan Wine Competition will be showcased at a Gold Medal Reception on Aug. 14 from 5 to 8 p.m. The event will take place in East Lansing, Mich., and many of the winemakers who crafted

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An Opportunity to Taste Wine Before It’s Bottled

Can you learn anything about a wine before it’s bottled, while it’s aging in oak barrels? Yes and no. When a wine is young, its aroma and flavor spectrum tends to present itself in “parts.” You’ll typically smell a lot

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There’s More to ‘Wine Country’ Than Wine

I attended the very first Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival. On September 27, K-J will host this fun event for the 18th time. Yikes! Where did all of those years go? Back then, about all I knew about a tomato is

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What Do Pigs and Lobsters Have in Common? That’s Right: Wine

Benziger Family Winery and Imagery Estate Winery are sister wine estates in California’s Sonoma County. Both make great wines, and both understand the synergy between wine and food. That’s why they host various food-focused events.

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Sipping in the Clouds in the Windy City

Did you happen to catch the report about what happened on the Skydeck at Chicago’s Willis Tower last week? One hundred three stories above the ground, in one of the glass decks that enables visitors to look straight down at

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Hang Loose at a Chillin’ Urban Winery

In yesterday’s blog, we shared information on two very extensive… not to mention expensive… wine tours, one to the Burgundy appellation of France, and the other to Italy’s Piedmont region. One cost $6,900, and the other was a bit more

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