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New Year's Resolutions for Wine Drinkers

    As you prepare to pop a few
Champagne corks to bid a final farewell to 2007 and welcome in 2008, here are five resolutions for the New Year…

       1. Resolve to broaden your wine-drinking experiences. Rather than always reaching for a bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon, give some other varieties a try. (The wine clubs of Vinesse feature an amazing array of varieties and blends throughout the year.)

       2. Resolve to drink plenty of…

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9 Great Restaurants of Sonoma County

    Contrary to what the folks in Napa Valley would like you to believe, there are numerous restaurants in Sonoma County that are more than worth your while.

     Fodor’s provides the descriptive prose for the list that follows – a list hand-picked by members of the Vinesse tasting panel and our California North Coast wine finders. From casual to classic, there are culinary delights around every corner in Sonoma County. Here are a few of them…    

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A Delish Dish to Serve With Semi-Sweet Wines

***image2***     CINNAMON CHICKEN

     This recipe serves 4, and matches beautifully with off-dry white wines such as Muscat Canelli.


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A Soul-Warming Soup for a Cold Winter Day

***image2***     The best recipes are versatile in terms of the type of wine you can serve with them.

     This recipe – Curried Butternut Squash Soup – tastes great with everything from Riesling to…

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Roasted Garlic Scampi With Minced Prosciutto

***image4***     If you’re a white wine drinker, here’s a recipe that gets its flavor,
in part, from garlic: Roasted Garlic Scampi With Minced Prosciutto.


     Begin by roasting some garlic in foil with olive oil for about
an hour, and set it aside. Dice a quarter-cup of Prosciutto and saute
with four tablespoons of olive oil and some minced shallots for about
15 minutes. Place the ham/shallot mixture in a saute pan on high heat,
toss in two lemon wedges…

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    A Tasty Dish to Serve With Red Wine


     Courtesy of Ferrari-Carano Vineyards, this recipe serves 4 and matches beautifully with most red wines.

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Creative Cooking With Wine

    I love to cook with wine almost as much as I love to drink wine.

     The latter is for pure pleasure, of course. But the former is very satisfying for me because it involves creativity, attention to detail and using my hands.

     It also involves a little bit of decision-making, because the typical recipe that calls for wine is non-specific about the type of wine to use. It will indicate “white wine” or “red wine,” but what type of…

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A Toast to a Wonderful Charitable Cause

    Merry Christmas Eve!

     If you’re reading this on the night (or day) before Christmas, I must assume that you have all of your holiday shopping done. Either that, or you’re reading it so late that all of the stores have closed, and you’re now waiting for the After-Christmas Sales to begin.

     That actually has become a strategy of mine. With my family now spread out in various locales across the country, we exchange gifts whenever…

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Grape Growing in Los Angeles County?

    The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has published a proposal to establish the Leona Valley viticultural area in the northeast part of Los Angeles County, Wines & Vines reports.
     The application, Notice No. 76, is the first of five that will be submitted under the auspices of the newly formed Antelope Valley Winegrowers Association.
     Lancaster is the commercial center of the Antelope Valley, located about 50 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The area is considered…

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Seeking to Become Asia's First Master of Wine

    Growing up in Korea, Jeannie Cho Lee had little chance to develop a taste for fine wine, but she has spent six years making up for lost time in pursuing her goal of becoming Asia’s first Master of Wine.
     The Hong Kong-based Lee has passed the first two sections of the notoriously tough Master of Wine exams, setting her on the road to a title that just 265 people worldwide are entitled to use.
     If she clears the final hurdle — a dissertation based on original research –she will become the first person from Asia to qualify for…

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