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Chenin Blanc, Fume Blanc and Oysters – Oh My!

    For the sixth year in a row – and for the eighth time in 13 years – Dry Creek Vineyard’s Dry Chenin Blanc has tickled the fancy of 37 oyster-loving food and wine writers, restaurateurs, oyster growers and oyster lovers at the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition.


     But that’s not all. The winery’s Fume Blanc also was selected as a “Top 10” wine in the competition.


     Through the years, the wine clubs…

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Governor Proclaims September as 'California Wine Month'

***image2***     Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared September as “California Wine Month.”

     In a proclamation, the Governor praised California’s wine community for strengthening the state’s economy and highlighting the ideal climate, beautiful scenery, geographic diversity and unparalleled expertise of its grape growers and vintners.

     This is the third consecutive…

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Restaurateurs Wine Collection

    Auction paddles flew and records were shattered in Chicago, as Hart Davis Hart held an historic single-owner wine auction of The Steven Verlin Collection.

     The auction showcased a portion of the personal cellar of the late Steven Verlin, one of the founding partners of Veritas Restaurant in New York. It drew the attention of…

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Santa Cruz County

***image2***     The winemaking heritage at Bargetto’s Santa Cruz Winery began with brothers Phillip and John Bargetto, who emigrated from Castelnuovo Don Bosco, a small town in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.

     The Bargetto family winemaking heritage continued with John’s son Lawrence during the 1960s and ’70s. He introduced modern technology – stainless steel fermentation, barrel aging, etc. – and added new Santa Cruz Mountains varietals such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The third generation of Bargetto family members now directs the…

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Pyrenees, Australia

     The Pyrenees region of Australia shares much with its neighbor, the Grampians: beautiful views, fresh country air and many of the same foods.

     Game meats, freshwater fish, honey and ewe’s milk yogurt make up some of the regional fare, much of which is enjoyed in the local restaurants, hotels and cafes.

     But the Pyrenees isn’t just about…

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The Madera Wine Trail

     The Madera Wine Trail:  Gorgeous Scenery, Great Wine, Near Yosemite!

     “No temple made with hands can compare to Yosemite,” wrote famed naturalist John Muir. “Every rock in its walls seems to glow with life.”

     And there is a reason for that. Millions of reasons, actually. Spy the stunning cliff formations… hike among the towering giant sequoias…. picnic in settings filled with picturesque views.

     Then venture outside the park, and…

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Chicago's State Street: That Grape Street

     A little bit of wine country has come to downtown Chicago’s famous State Street.

     But before we tell you about the vinous nirvana in America’s Second City, a few words from the Chairman of the Board…

     “On State Street, that great street, I just wanna say: They do things they don’t do on Broadway…”

     What type of things? Well, how about putting three wine bars in a single one-block stretch?

     Yes, State Street – home of…

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Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves

     Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves:  The Ferrer Family Brings A Taste Of Spain To Carneros. 

     In 1982, the Ferrer family, proprietors of Freixenet USA, purchased 250 acres of land in Sonoma County’s Carneros wine district. 

     There, they planted vineyards with the traditional sparkling wine grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Four years later…

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Michel-Schlumberger: The Heart & Soul of Wine Comes From Soil & Vines

     Michel-Schlumberger: The Heart & Soul of Wine Comes From Soil & Vines.

     The winery today known as Michel-Schlumberger lies off the beaten path in Wine Creek Canyon, a sylvan side pocket of Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley.

     About a mile from the winery, Bradford Mountain rises above the…


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Hess Collection: Art On The Walls And In The Glass

     In the eyes of some, The Hess Collection could be considered a “winery of distinction” even if it didn’t produce world-class wines.

     A distinguishing aspect of the Napa Valley estate is its multi-national collection of art, acquired over the past four decades by founder Donald Hess. The works, all created since 1960, are vivid, powerful and thought-provoking, and include bronze sculptures, oil paintings, video installations and interactive multimedia.

     Among the artists represented are…

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