Dry Creek Vineyard Celebrates No. 35

     Through the years, the wine clubs of Vinesse have featured bottlings from Dry Creek Vineyard on several occasions.

     This year, the Sonoma County wine estate celebrates its 35th anniversary.

     Before David Stare arrived in 1972, the Dry Creek Valley had yet to recover from the effects of Prohibition. In fact, only three wineries were in existence: Pedroncelli, Frei Brothers (now Gallo-Sonoma) and Fredson (no longer in business).

     Stare encountered more than a few grape growers and landholders who were not happy about his plans to build a new winery.

     “We sort of stirred up a hornet’s nest,” he recalls. “Many residents felt that I was opening the door to commercial development in the Dry Creek Valley. My reaction was, if they didn’t want wineries in Sonoma County, what did they want? I felt that my intentions were good and noble.”


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