Staying Ahead Of The Wine Competition Curve

     If a wine wins a medal in a competition, does that influence our decision to use it as a featured wine selection in our clubs?

     I get that question quite often from members, and the answer is yes… and no.

     Two things typically happen when a wine garners a medal, particularly one of the gold variety: the price goes up, and the supply goes down.

     According to Wines & Vines, a trade publication, winning a medal at the California State Fair adds $1.89 to the bottle price, while winning one at the San Francisco International Competition will inflate the bottle price by $3.65.

     As you might imagine, it’s all about supply and demand. When a wine wins a medal, it becomes more coveted by the public, and its supply dwindles. And when there’s less of a good thing in the marketplace, its price shoots skyward.

     That’s why our wine finders try to procure as many selections as possible before the competition season. In all of our clubs, we do our best to offer members both quality and value.

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