Pyrenees, Australia

     The Pyrenees region of Australia shares much with its neighbor, the Grampians: beautiful views, fresh country air and many of the same foods.

     Game meats, freshwater fish, honey and ewe’s milk yogurt make up some of the regional fare, much of which is enjoyed in the local restaurants, hotels and cafes.

     But the Pyrenees isn’t just about food; it’s also known for its wines. As one of the great wine regions of Western Victoria, a visit to the Pyrenees is not complete without a game of petanque at one of the vineyards. It’s a perfect game for wine lovers: easy to play even with a glass of fine wine in hand.

     While primarily known for its red wines today, the renaissance of the Pyrenees region began quite differently. It originally was selected by the French Remy Martin Group in the 1960s as an area suitable for the production of brandy. When the brandy market collapsed, the group looked to another area of its expertise: sparkling wine.

     That first vineyard now is named Blue Pyrenees Estate, and in the ensuing years has been joined by some serious players, including Taltarni, Redbank, Mount Avoca and Warrenmang. Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are the star varieties, but the Pyrenees also produces some fine Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

     The gravelly soils, hot summers, cool nights and low rainfall are responsible for the distinctive flavors, great depth and instant appeal of the wines. Appealing wines from an irresistible wine region.

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