California Is No. 1, But What State Is No. 2?

     It should not come as a surprise that California ranks first among all states in the number of bonded wineries.

     According to figures recently released, there are 2,275 wineries in California, and they account for more than 90 percent of all the wine made in the United States.


   But which state ranks second?

It’s a state that just recently bonded its 500th winery. And that state is Washington.

     The modern history of Washington winemaking dates to 1962, with the first relatively large plantings of vinifera grapes. Still, by 1980, the state was home to fewer than 20 wineries. By 1990, that number had grown to 64, and by 2000, it was 155. Since then, the number of wineries in the state has more than tripled.

     In an understatement, the Washington Wine Commission described the growth as “remarkable.”

     Oregon and New York rank third and fourth with just over 300 and approximately 210 wineries, respectively.

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