Illinois Wine Law Takes Major Step Backwards

     The Illinois House of Representatives has passed restrictive legislation that would significantly cut Illinois citizens out of the wine marketplace by possibly eliminating retailer access to selling wine in Illinois.

     The free citizens of Illinois deserve better than the cynical double-speak from representatives like Lou Lang of Skokie who is quoted in the article as suggesting this bill leads to a wider variety of choice.  In fact, Lou is misinformed because the situation is the exact opposite.  Here’s some more about Mr. Lang.

     The new bill ostensibly forbids wine retailers, wine brokers, wine importers, wine auction houses, or medium and larger wineries from selling wine to consumers in Illinois.

     This extraordinarily anti-consumer bill still has a narrow chance of being stopped by the people of Illinois through the state Senate and / or Governor.   By all means, people of Illinois take action and write your press and your Senators and Governor while you still can and ask them to stop this brazen unconstitutional trade protectionism.

     There is nothing fair about this bill as it stands.

Illinois Senators

Write Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

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