Part 2: Trends in Australian Winemaking

    (Editor’s Note: This is the second of a three-part series that  runs through tomorrow here on

      Yesterday, we learned about the history of Australian 

winemaking and how vintners there have embraced technology. But what 

about the future? What are the trends in Down Under wine?

      Other than gathering more awards, more notoriety and more 

fans… there is no trend.

      Australians don’t try to copy other wine-producing countries or 

one another. They do what they want without being bound by 

legislation or marketing.

      Far away from the rest of the winemaking world and determined 

to stand out on their own merits, Australians never try to make wine 

just like the French or Americans. Instead, they are making unique 

wines characterized by distinctive climate and soil… wines that are 

fruit-driven… wines that the winemakers themselves like to drink.

      You can find rich Chardonnay filled with the flavors of toast 

and vanilla, or lean ones with no oak influence at all. There are 

big, ripe, chocolaty Shiraz bottlings, and elegant, peppery styles. 

The ready-to-drink, fruit-driven Cabernet for tonight’s barbecue is 

available right next to the tannic, complex bottle that needs decades 

of cellaring.

      When it comes to Australian wines, homogenization and 

generalization are out. Flavor and style are in.

      (Tomorrow: Matching Australian wines with food.)

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