Summertime… and the Sipping Is Easy

     The sunny skies and warmer temperatures are here.

     And with the change in weather typically comes a change in our wine-drinking habits. We tend to replace the full-bodied, palate-grabbing red wines which complement winter comfort food with lighter-bodied, more fruity and more refreshing wines – the kind of wines featured in our Light & Sweet Wine Club.

     We once asked a prominent Napa Valley vintner – a man who makes some of the world’s finest and most sought-after Cabernet Sauvignon – what he likes to drink when the weather heats up.

    “‘I’ll tell you,” he said, “as long as you never put my name with the quote.”

     With a stipulation like that, we had to bite.

     “To me,” the forever anonymous vintner confided, “the perfect summer wine is either white or blush, light-bodied, a little bit sweet and cold.”

     In other words, a wine that can be sipped solo poolside, or used to accompany barbecued foods as part of a backyard barbecue.

     We’re getting thirsty just thinking about it…


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