Napa Vintners Focus on Ecosystems

    “Napa Green Land” is a landmark environmental program, initiated in 2003, that looks at all aspects of a grower’s property – vineyards, as well as roads, buildings and non-farmed land – to curtail erosion and reduce or eliminate pesticide use that will ultimately enhance the Napa River watershed and preserve or restore wildlife habitat through sustainable agriculture practices.

     Napa Green Land Environmental Certification is largely based on Fish Friendly Farming, whereby landowners create a customized farm plan that addresses all aspects of not only the vineyard, but the entire property, by outlining and implementing practices to achieve soil and water conservation, stabilizing drainage, enhancing riparian corridors and fisheries, and other long-term land improvements that result in sustainable environmental protection.

     It’s part of a growing effort not only in the United States, but worldwide, to improve ecosystems around valuable vineyard land.


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