Napa Valley Estate Turns 125 This Year

      It was 125 years ago – in 1882 – that a German immigrant named George Schonewald purchased a plot of land in the Napa Valley.

      On it, he built a beautiful summer home, established a 4-acre formal garden and planted 17 acres to winegrapes.

      The 31-acre parcel is now known as Spottswoode Estate, and the winery has been producing world-class wines for discerning consumers for decades.

      Earlier this year, a book titled, “Spottswoode, A Family Wine

Estate,” was published. For anyone who has ever tasted a wine from the

estate… or anyone who simply loves the Napa Valley… the book would

make a great birthday or holiday gift.

      To give you a sense of the book’s flavor, here’s an excerpt from

the forward, written by Beth Novak Milliken…

      “As I reflect upon the rich history of our estate, I find much to

admire and much to be thankful for. My father, Jack Novak, was the

impetus for bringing our family to St. Helena, but it is my mother,

Mary Weber Novak, who has carried on their shared dream since his death

in 1977, and to whom my siblings and I offer our deepest love and


      “Mary is the true heart and soul of the Spottswoode Estate, and

her commitment and vision – perhaps never articulated verbally, but

apparent in her actions – is what sustains Spottswoode today. We look

forward to continuing what she and my father started when they brought

us here in 1972.”

      That’s certainly good news for fans of the estate. You can read

more about the winery’s 125th anniversary by visiting its website:

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