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City Council Joins Fight for Calistoga AVA

    The vintners of the Calistoga area in California’s famous Napa Valley want their own American Viticultural Area designation. They say it’s the last “unique” growing area in the valley without its own AVA.

     Now, the Calistoga City Council has joined effort, unanimously passing a resolution in support of the AVA designation.

     At present, vintners who use Calistoga grapes exclusively are allowed by the government to include only the less-specific “Napa Valley” wording on…

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A Cake for Cabernet


         It’s not easy to match Cabernet Sauvignon with dessert.     

        Not easy…but not impossible.

        Try this recipe with your favorite . . .

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Part 3: Matching Australian Wines With Food

  (Editor’s Note: This is the third of a three-part series on 
Australian wines. Fire up the barbee, pour a glass, and enjoy.)

Australia vintners make a wine for every meal and every occasion.

      Although Australian cuisine is delicious – filled with fresh 
seafood, native spices and Pacific Rim flair – you…

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Part 2: Trends in Australian Winemaking

      (Editor’s Note: This is the second of a three-part series that  runs through tomorrow here on

      Yesterday, we learned about the history of Australian 
winemaking and how vintners there have embraced technology. But what 
about the future? What are the trends in Down Under wine?

      Other than gathering more awards, more notoriety and more…

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