Look Out! Here Comes Riesling!

     The world is finally catching up with members of the wine clubs of Vinesse.

      Pardon our unabashed pride, but Vinesse club members have known for more than 10 years that one of the world’s great wine varieties is Riesling. Now, a company that tracks wine sales, Scantrak, has reported that for the 52 most recent weeks ending May 5, Riesling sales were up 24 percent in the United States.

      Chardonnay continues to dominate the white wine marketplace, and

that’s expected to continue for several years. For one thing, there is

far more Chardonnay acreage than Riesling acreage around the world. It

would take massive plantings and then about seven years for Riesling to

overtake Chardonnay, and nobody is expecting that to happen.

      What the newly-released sales information does indicate, however,

is that more and more people are discovering both the value and

food-friendliness of Riesling.

      It’s a great wine to pour when serving shellfish, chicken,

appetizers, Chinese food, Tex-Mex fare and other cuisine. Its

versatility is prized by chefs, and appreciated by diners.

      It also can be made into sweet and succulent dessert wines and ice

wines for a very special sweet treat.

      Versatility in wine styles. Versatility with food. Refreshing on a

hot summer day.

      Riesling offers all of that and more – which will come as no

surprise to long-time members of the wine clubs of Vinesse.

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