Kenwood Spa Knows How to Rub It In

    Want to pamper yourself the next time you go to California’s North Coast wine country?

     Then head for the Kenwood Inn, a 30-room boutique villa nestled amid the vineyards of the Sonoma Valley.

     There, among the treatments available is the Sauvignon Massage.

     “In Hawaii, you can get a hot lava rock massage,” Kenwood Inn Spa Director Debra Burquez told MSNBC. “In Sonoma, it makes sense to do wine-based treatments. There’s something about doing wine tastings in the day and getting a soothing vine bath at night that makes visiting here so special.”

     Luxury Spa Finder magazine ranks the Kenwood spa sixth in the entire world, while Food and Wine magazine calls it, “the best wine country retreat in all of California.”

     To learn more, visit

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