Wine Wit

John Stuart Blackie, proving that being a scholar does not preclude one from being a sexist:

“Wine is the milk of the gods, milk the drink of the babies, tea the drink of women, and water the drink of beasts.”

     Keep this German proverb (and very short poem) in mind the next time you’re planning a trip to Germany:

“Rhineland is wineland.”

     Alexis Bespalof, on cooking with wine:

“A cook who runs out to buy a bottle of cheap wine may spoil several dollars’ worth of food and perhaps an hour or more of preparation with a dime’s worth of wine.”

     This French proverb offers a much better alternative for cheap wine:

“The best use of bad wine is to drive away poor relations.”

     Advice from Benjamin Franklin:

“Never spare the parson’s wine nor the baker’s pudding.”


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