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*** John Williams, owner and winemaker of Frog’s Leap Winery in Napa Valley, on how global warming could impact winegrowing:

“It’s clear that there’s the potential for really substantial problems, and there almost certainly is going to be some change.”

*** Louis Pasteur, a man perhaps more closely associated with milk than wine:

“The flavor of wine is like delicate poetry.”

*** Diana Hamann, owner of Wine Goddess Consulting, quoted in the Chicago Tribune:

“Card-carrying red wine drinkers will bemoan the fact that citric acid and red wine is one of the nastiest food/wine combos out there. Citric acid will kill your once-beautiful red wine, leaving it unpleasantly flat and bitter.”

*** Hilaire Belloc, on how wine gets inside you:

“You must let wine approach you in its own way and introduce itself; for then you will find that you have entered into its company, and that is why wine is properly called a companion. The most enduring of companions; the most familiar and putting forth excellence of its own.”

*** John Stuart Blackie, proving that being a scholar does not preclude

one from being a sexist:

“Wine is the milk of the gods, milk the drink of the babies, tea the

drink of women, and water the drink of beasts.”

*** Keep this German proverb (and very short poem) in mind the next

time you’re planning a trip to Germany:

“Rhineland is wineland.”

*** Alexis Bespalof, on cooking with wine:

“A cook who runs out to buy a bottle of cheap wine may spoil several

dollars’ worth of food and perhaps an hour or more of preparation with

a dime’s worth of wine.”

*** This French proverb offers a much better alternative for cheap wine:

“The best use of bad wine is to drive away poor relations.”

*** Advice from Benjamin Franklin:

“Never spare the parson’s wine nor the baker’s pudding.”

*** Ludwig Van Beethoven was among the greatest composers ever, but he also knew how to relax:

“A glass of wine is a great refreshment after a hard day’s work.”

*** Francis Ford Coppola, filmmaker and vintner, on the role of wine in

popular media:

“In the past, people were always smoking cigarettes in movies. Today, I

would hardly imagine a fine dinner portrayed in a movie or a television

show that didn’t include wine on the table.”

*** French author Alexandre Dumas, prioritizing the evening meal:

“Wine is the intellectual part of a meal; meats are merely the material


*** Greek philosopher Plato obviously was a fan of wine:

“No thing more excellent nor more valuable than wine was ever granted

by God.”

*** English actor and restaurateur Michael Caine:                                   “Home is where the wine is.”

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