The Ultimate 'Please Forgive Me' Gift

    Ladies, please excuse yourselves for a moment. What follows is just for the fellows…

      Okay, you’ve done a really bad thing. You may have stayed out late with the boys… or neglected to take out the trash on the appointed morning… or forgotten the 4-year, 7-month anniversary of the first time your and your significant other played cribbage for the first time.

      In short, you are in the doghouse. And there seems to be no way out.

      So, as a man, you do the only thing a man knows how to do: You try to think of a way that you can buy yourself back into your sweetie’s heart.

     Chocolates? She’s dieting, remember?

     A card? Who wants to read bad poetry?

     Flowers? Hmm… you may be on to something.

      Especially if you happen to live in the Chicago area, where Clint Paton and Marta Kenar have opened a new store that sells flowers and… wine.

      But Paton and Kenar don’t just sell those symbols of purchased forgiveness; they match them.

      For instance, with a certain Oregon Pinot Noir, they sell a floral arrangement of euphoria, artichoke, furry dianthus and mokaras. Bet you never thought of buying your S.O. that combination!

      Another possibility: a bottle of Pinot Gris paired with Hawaiian oncidiums.

      In some cases, the characteristics of the flowers match the nuances of the wine. In other cases, it’s a matter of matching flowers with the bottle label.

      But in all cases, the “pairings” represent a pretty food way of getting back in your wife’s/girlfriend’s/significant other’s good graces.

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