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Responsible Parenting Leads to a 'Green' Approach

    Doug Shafer stopped using pesticides on his family’s vines 18 years ago after he noticed a skull and crossbones on the label of his herbicide.

     “I said, ‘Whoa.’ I have three young kids who play in these vineyards. What am I doing to them?” Shafer told Newsweek magazine.

     The veteran vintner says he now uses a natural echinacea ground cover and organic soap on his vines to knock back bug infestations, and his…

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Two Famous Wine Families Exit the Biz

    Nothing is forever.

     That’s true in life and it’s true in business — including the wine business.

     In recent days, two families with long winemaking histories — the Firestones and the Bynums — have bid adieu… in different ways…

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New Zealand's Harvest Is Bigger… and Smaller

    Figures just released on New Zealand’s 2007 winegrape harvest indicate that tonnage this year was up… and down.

     How could it be both? Allow us to explain…

     New Zealand Winegrowers Chief Executive Officer Philip Gregan said the 2007 harvest was in line with pre-harvest expectations for a crop of…

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Ontario Vintners Going 'Green' in a Big Way

    The Wine Council of Ontario in Canada has produced a thick binder of documents and interactive worksheets to help the province’s wineries and vineyard owners improve their environmental performance.

     “Sustainable Winemaking Ontario: An Environmental Charter for the Wine Industry” is the first comprehensive sustainability program of its kind for the wine industry in Canada. The WCO initiated and funded the project with significant input from the Grape Growers of Ontario.

     “Winemakers and grape growers realized it’s critical that we do what we can to preserve the land and environment that we rely on for our…

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