Summer Reading for Armchair Touring

    So you’ve already
finished the final installment of the Harry Potter series, and you’re looking
for something a little “lighter” to read this summer?

     May we recommend “A Moveable Thirst,” written by Rick Kushman and Hank Beal.

     The best friends
visited and rated all 141 public tasting rooms in


and turned their observations into a book. It’s part “Frommer’s” and part “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” and it makes for a fun read – particularly if
you’re planning a trip to



wine country anytime soon.


     Speaking of “Frommer’s,” the travel publisher also has come out with a new guidebook: “Napa
& Sonoma Day By Day.” This handy tome not only lists wineries, but also
includes information on accommodations, spas and various other attractions.


     And unlike “A
Moveable Thirst,” it includes info on both




     Even if you’re
not planning a wine country vacation anytime soon, pick up one of these books,
pour a glass of wine, sit back in your favorite easy chair and turn some pages.
There’s no law against taking a vicarious tour of the vineyards.

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