Turning 'Pizza Night' Into 'Party Night'

    Sure, you can
dish it out. But can you take it?

     The “it” in this
case is not a verbal jab, but rather a much more enjoyable (not to mention
delicious) topic: pizza. More specifically: pairing pizza with wine.


     Usually, the
phrase “pizza wine” isn’t meant to be a compliment. Wine shopkeepers typically
utter those words when describing a wine that’s cheap and not all that
distinctive – the kind of wine you find in big jugs on supermarket shelves.

     But there are
lots of very good wines that match beautifully with pizza. Just keep in mind
that “pizza” has a very broad definition depending on the types of toppings
heaped upon it.


     For a plain ol’
cheese pizza with lots of tomato sauce, it’s hard to beat Chianti, or the
American mirror-image of that wine, Sangiovese.


     After that,
things get more complicated. For instance, the somewhat “earthy” nuances of a
mushroom pizza call for a wine with similar traits. A rustic red from

Bordeaux – not a $100
bottle, but something much more simple – would be a good choice.

     If the pizza
topping is somewhat spicy, such as sausage, it’s hard to beat a

California (red)
Zinfandel. Another solid choice would be a spicy Australian Shiraz.


     There’s even a
great pizza-and-wine pairing for those who strick strictly to white wines: Pour
a glass of Pinot Gris with a veggie pizza. And if the only veggies you prefer
are asparagus and artichoke, try a well-chilled Sauvignon Blanc.


     Any way you slice
it, pizza is a wonderful comfort food. Add the right kind of wine, and you can
turn pizza night into a party.

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