Going 'Green' in Chile and San Francisco

    A Chilean winery has unveiled a carbon offsetting project,

Decanter magazine reports.

      Cono Sur has announced it will be offsetting the carbon emitted by ending its products to market, thus allowing it to carry the CarbonNeutral trademark on its bottles of Cono Sur and Isla Negra wines.

      The winery, which has been at the forefront of the development of eco-friendly vineyard management in Chile, has teamed up with London-based The CarbonNeutral Company, which works with government, individuals and businesses such Sky, Honda and Barclays to offset carbon emissions.

      Meanwhile, in California’s City by the Bay, the new Yield Wine Bar is being touted by it owners as “the only exclusively green wine bar in San Francisco, and perhaps the nation.”

      Chris Tavelli, 27, says he developed the idea of Yield when he was working at a high-end vegan restaurant.

      “I saw there was so much confusion about organic wines,” he said. “People wanted to drink these cleaner, healthier wines, but they didn’t know how to access them or get information about them.”

      The wine list features 60 international wines, matched with a small plates menu that veers toward organic or sustainable products. Not all the wines are certifiably organic or biodynamic, Tavelli, who’s a vegetarian, concedes.

      “It doesn’t matter,” he insisted, “as long as the winemaker or owner is making a tangible effort to make a positive difference, or is involved in environmental organizations. There’s a lot of trust involved.”

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