Close-to-Home Alternatives to Napa Valley

    Here’s an absolutely amazing statistic: More than 60 percent of consumers have tried a wine from their home state.

      Such an activity would not even have been possible for many people

up until a few years ago, but now all 50 states – yes, including Alaska 

– are home to bonded wineries.

      Nearly 1,000 new wineries opened for business in North America

last year, further stretching the definition of “wine country.”

      What does all this mean? Very simply, you don’t have to travel to

the Napa Valley in order to visit a winery. True, quality can vary

greatly from state to state and region to region, but far-flung

wineries in unlikely states tend to offer varieties and blends not

found elsewhere. And who knows? You just might find a new variety you


      As with many things in life, exploring is half the fun of


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