It's Time to Free the Winegrapes

    I’m angry.

     People who know me would tell you that it’s highly unusual for me to be mad. I’m a pretty easy-going guy. But today, I’m hot… and the summertime weather has nothing to do with it.

     What has me upset is the action taken by lawmakers in Illinois, a state in which several of my best friends reside. The aforementioned politicians have thrown common sense out the window, gone against the spirit and intent of a Supreme Court ruling, and bowed to a special interest group that has forked over millions of dollars in campaign funds in recent years.

     They’ve done all that in passing House Bill 429, which bans out-of-state retailers from selling and shipping wine to Illinois residents.

     There is absolutely no good reason for this law. The only people who will benefit from it are the in-state distributors of wine, who soon will wield even more influence than they already do.

     Tomorrow on, we’ll have a full report on this development, including quotes from the Executive Director of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association. After reading the report, I bet you’ll be just as angry as I am – particularly if you happen to reside in Illinois.

     The great state of Illinois brought us the U.S. President who freed the slaves. Now, it’s time for the Land of Lincoln to free the winegrapes.

     Also ahead this week on…

       A report on a New York winemaking pioneer who is passing the torch.

       A preview of a Labor Day weekend wine extravaganza in California’s Livermore Valley.

       The fascinating results of a survey of young wine drinkers.

       Could global warming be a good thing for some winemakers?

       A fabulous recipe for a wine-friendly Berry Cobbler.

     So check back tomorrow… and the next day… for your daily dose of wine news and vinous views.

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