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Music to a Grapevine's Ears

    Music helps grow healthier plants, Wired magazine reports.

     That’s the preliminary result of research by Italian scientists who have been examining vineyards exposed to classical music to see if sound makes the plants grow larger and more quickly.

     While sound has long been thought to influence plant growth, this is the first time anyone has investigated the effects of music outdoors on…

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New Napa Area Gets Its Own Tasting Room

    Three owners of five wine brands have banded together to open a new tasting facility in the Suisun Valley appellation, Wines & Vines reports.

     Adjacent to Napa, but still largely unknown, the area has been growing winegrapes since the late 1800s, and was recognized as an American Viticultural Area in 1982.

     Doug Sparks, owner of Sunset Cellars and Twilight Ridge, leased the property that formerly housed West Wine Winery, and will pour his two… brands there.


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10 Tips for Tasting Success

   Until we get that law passed that allows people to buy their wine only from Vinesse, we know you’re probably going to stop by a winery (or two or three) when the occasion arises.

     So, to help you get the most out of the touring-and-tasting experience, we offer the following 10 tips…


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Napa Farm Workers to Benefit from Land Donation

   Constellation Brands has announced that its Robert Mondavi Winery has donated the land under the newly-renovated Mondavi Farm Worker Housing Center to the Napa Valley Housing Authority.

     With the transfer in ownership, the NVHA is eligible to receive up to $1.4 million in state grants that will contribute to maintaining Napa County’s farm worker housing.

     “In donating the land where this important facility is located, we are helping to ensure there will be housing in perpetuity for the vineyard workers who are such an integral component of Napa Valley’s wine industry,…  

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