Star Napa Chef Is Part of 'Ratatouille' DVD

    First came the Disney/Pixar movie, “Ratatouille.”

     Then came the mild uproar over Disney planning to release some 5,000 cases of wine with bottle labels bearing the likeness of the movie’s “star,” a rat/chef named Remy.

     You read all about the movie and the uproar right here on So, we feel obligated to also bring you the news of the movie’s impending DVD release.

     That is scheduled for November 6, with the DVD retailing for $30 and the Blu-ray Disc version going for five bucks more.

     So, what bonus features can people expect when they purchase “Ratatouille” for their home film libraries?

       The Oscar-nominated short, “Lifted,” which opened for ‘Ratatouille” during its run in theaters.

        The animated “Your Friend the Rat,” described as “Pixar doing old-school animation and having a blast with it.”

         A conversation with chef Thomas Keller, who served as a consultant on the film.

     The Keller interview should be of particular interest to wine lovers, as he is the genius behind Napa Valley’s French Laundry restaurant. Here is what Frommer’s, the travel guide company, says about the restaurant:

     “Plainly put, a meal at the French Laundry is unlike any other dining experience. Part of its unique character has to do with the intricate preparations, often finished tableside, presented with uncommon artistry and detail –  from the food itself to the surface on which it’s delivered.”

     “Other distinguishing features include the intimate environment; the service, which is superfluous, formal, and attentive (one course, for example, comes with a selection of salts in a fancy box); and the sheer length of time it takes to ride Keller’s culinary magic carpet. The atmosphere is as serious as the diners who quietly swoon over the ongoing parade of bite-size delights. Seating is available downstairs, upstairs, and at garden tables in clement weather.”

     “The prix-fixe menu offers a choice of seven or nine courses. A vegetarian menu is available, but signature dishes include Keller’s ‘tongue in cheek’ (a marinated, braised round of sliced lamb tongue and tender beef cheeks) and ‘macaroni and cheese’ (sweet, butter-poached Maine lobster with creamy lobster broth and orzo with mascarpone cheese).”

     “The staff is well acquainted with the prestigious wine selection.”

     In fact, the wine list is considered one of the best in Napa Valley, and that’s saying something, considering the location.

     The only thing we don’t like about the French Laundry is the corkage policy. If you bring in your own wine, it’ll cost you $50. Per bottle. Yikes!

     That consumer-unfriendly policy aside, we’ll still be interested to hear what Keller has to say on the “Ratatouille” DVD.

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