Wine Sales Benefit 9/11 Memorial

    A Mendocino County, Calif., winery owner is donating $30,000 from sales of his latest Pinot Noir to the 9/11 memorial, Decanter reports.

     Eric Munson lost his brothers-in-law Daniel J. and Joseph P. Shea (he is married to their sister) in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

     To mark the sixth anniversary of the tragedy, 10 percent of the profit from his most recent bottling — Dancing Bear Shea Cuvee Pinot Noir — will support construction of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center, the new name for the ground zero memorial announced by the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation.

     Munson, who owns properties in California and Italy, expects to raise about $30,000 for the memorial, to which his family had already pledged $250,000. The wine was made by Keith Rutz of Rutz Cellars.

     “This bottling is very close to my heart and really goes to the root of why I founded Dancing Bear Cellars,” Munson, who was with the Sheas in their New York offices one week before 9/11, told Decanter. “9/11 was part of the catalyst that got me in the wine business.”

     The phrase on all his bottles, “Wine celebrating life,” comes from 9/11, he added. “This wine is a memorial. One of the lessons we learned from that tragedy is that life is short and therefore is meant to be celebrated. By bottling these wines, I get the opportunity to share this vision.”


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  1. […] Virtually every American was touched in one way or another by that horrible day, including America’s wine family. Among them was Eric Munson, who lost two brothers-in-law (the brothers of his wife) on that fateful day, as described in this blog from 2007. […]

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