Weapons of Mass Fermentation

    The issue itself was quite serious.

     Agnes Hitchcock, leader of the Call ‘Em Out Coalition in Detroit, attended a school board meeting at which board members would decide whether to close 34 area schools.

     Hitchcock and her group contend that the school district is being mismanaged, and that closing schools wouldn’t be necessary if budgets were controlled better.

     At one point in the meeting, things got a bit out of hand. When her verbal pleas obviously weren’t working, a frustrated Hitchcock began throwing grapes at the board members.

     Granted, that’s a lot less lethal than throwing, say, papayas would have been. And it was much less messy than pelting the board members with tomatoes.

     But it’s still against the law, and Hitchcock ultimately was convicted of disturbing the peace. She was fined $250.

     “It was worth the risk in order to be able to talk about these things in court,” she told the Detroit Free Press.

     As for me, I can’t help feeling sorry for the innocent parties in this incident.

     In one fit of anger, several grapes had bright futures as raisins, juice or wine wiped out.


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