Birds Hum a Happy Tune Around Clos LaChance

    Clos LaChance Winery in San Martin, Calif., has joined with The Hummingbird Society to support the Society’s preservation and conservation efforts of hummingbirds throughout the Americas.


     Hummingbirds have been a part of the Clos LaChance lore since the winery’s inception in 1992. Vintners Bill and Brenda Murphy chose the hummingbird as the symbol for the winery due to its territorial nature and ability to chase away other grape-eating creatures from the vineyards.

     Clos LaChance Winery signed on as a Corporate Level Sponsor of the Hummingbird Society. In addition to annual sponsorship, the winery produces a special blend each vintage, supporting the hummingbird preservation efforts of the Society. These limited-production wines are named after individual hummingbirds on the Threatened Hummingbirds List.

     The first “Threatened Species” Release, a Bordeaux-style blend, focused on the preservation of the Juan Fernandez Firecrown hummingbird. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these wines will go directly to the Hummingbird Society to fight the potential extinction of this bird.

     The Juan Fernandez Firecrown, found only in Chile on Robinson Crusoe Island, is on the verge of becoming the first hummingbird since the 1800s to go extinct. Today, there are 28 species of hummingbirds considered at risk of extinction by BirdLife International. One in three of these birds is ranked “Critically Endangered,” meaning they have a 50% chance of being extinct within the next 10 years.

     “Since the beginning, hummingbirds have been more than just our winery symbol.  They have inspired us to produce quality wines from the vineyards they protect,” said Bill Murphy, co-founder and CEO of Clos LaChance. “Now, with this donation and release of the Juan Fernandez Firecrown Hummingbird Series wine, we’re able to return the favor and hopefully inspire wine lovers to join the cause to protect these beautiful birds.”


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