California Remains America's Wine Capital

    Wine is being made in all 50 states these days, but when it comes to visiting a winery, California remains the No. 1 tourist destination.

     That’s according to a recent survey conducted by the Travel Industry Association, which asked travelers: “Where did you go on your last wine-related trip?”

     Of those surveyed, 31% said California, making the Golden State – home to Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Paso Robles, Santa Ynez Valley and countless other wine destinations – far and away the leader.

     New York finished second at 10%, and then there was four-way tie for third place – garnering 5% apiece – among Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania.

     It just goes to show that, no matter where you live, you’re never far away from Wine Country.


        Speaking of Wine Country, tomorrow on, we’ll take a look at how the weather impacted the 2007 harvest in California Wine Country.

     Later this week, we’ll have reports on the role goats play in organic farming, the weak dollar and its impact on wine imports, the oldest known winery in France, and the types of aromas we experience in the wine glass.

     And please don’t miss this coming Sunday’s report, which includes information on a very important cause and an amazing program devoted to that cause. Virtually all of us know someone whose life has been impacted by breast cancer, and on Sunday, we’ll tell you all about the “Frosted Pink” television program and one winery’s efforts to support that program and the fight against the disease that claims to many people each year.


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