Wine Almost as Much Fun to Smell as It Is to Drink

    People yearn for nice things like fragrances.

     Some like floral scents, some like fruity impressions, while others may even love herbal aromas.

     But what happens when one mixes some of those fragrances together? Would it be a feast for the nose?

     The answer is absolutely yes, and wine provides the proof, China Daily points out.

     While wine is fast becoming mainstream in China, its fragrance is so complicated that it could defy your imagination. A bottle of good wine may have more than 600 kinds of scents. Usually, there are six different aroma types in wine:

       floral and fruity






     Experts say that during a wine’s lifetime, it goes through three stages. In the first one, the “young” wine has a full-bodied floral and fruity scent. After that, “middle-aged” wine may have the aroma of walnuts and almonds. And then, for those “old wines,” they may carry spicy impressions such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

     Besides the different ages, wines can have diverse flavors due to the different grapes used in the winemaking process, and may develop other flavors via the winemaking process itself.

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