'Pass Me That Can of Wine, Will Ya?'

    Wine bottles in Australia are being replaced by milk cartons, aluminum cans and sports packs.

     Demand from the Northern Hemisphere’s private sector is driving a flurry of innovation in wine packaging to reduce carbon emissions.

     In past months, bottles have been replaced by wine in aluminum shaped as a bottle, tetra packs and soft “sports-like” packs.

     Palandri Wines’ Gordon Grant has been selling its wine from soft packs for six months now.

     “It has grown by hundreds of percent,” he said.

     “You’ve got to be innovative in this world that we are in these days. We’re ahead of the pack in Australia, I think.”

     “No one else has actually taken this pack on for wine yet,” he added. “I have no doubt competitors will come along, but it’s given us an opportunity to start the ball rolling and we’re at the front of the pack.”

     So to speak…

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