Harvest Reports, Marriage Advice and More

   While the winegrape harvest has been underway for several weeks in California’s Napa and Sonoma counties, it’s only now beginning to develop a head of steam in Monterey County to the south.

Reason? The Monterey area is much cooler, so it generally takes longer for the grapes to attain full ripeness.

That time is now, and we’ll have a full report here on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, we’ll take you to Sonoma for the 150th anniversary celebration at California’s oldest premium winery. In addition to highlights from the usual speeches you hear at such events, we’ll bring you some marital advice from the great-great-grandson of the estate’s founder.

Later in the week, we’ll examine the growing popularity of “sustainable” products – including wine – and much more.

I hope you’ll make VinesseTODAY.com an online habit… every day.

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