Sparkling Conversation for the Holidays

     In two days, Halloween will be here, marking the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

      When I was growing up, we didn’t start shopping until the day after Thanksgiving, when the newspaper was packed with sale fliers and brochures from all the department and specialty stores.

      It seems as if we’ve started a little earlier with each passing year. Before long, Easter will signify the beginning of the shopping season.

     (Truth be told, I usually buy wrapping paper during the first or second week after Christmas, when it’s deeply discounted. Now THAT’S starting early.)

      I bring up the holidays because the time has arrived for wine lovers to stock up on the official adult beverage of holiday celebrations: Champagne (or other renditions of sparkling wine).

      With that in mind, I invite you to log on tomorrow for a 2007 harvest report from Champagne, as well as a glossary of Champagne-related terms.

      Armed with that information, you’ll be able not only to sip the sip, but talk the bubbly talk.

      Also coming up this week on, we’ll take you to the Sonoma Valley Wine Auction (where Tommy Smothers made an appearance), clue you in on the new king of Sonoma grape varieties, answer a couple of your wine-related questions, and more.

     So, be sure to visit VinesseTODAY… every day.


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