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Rossi Family Bestows a Generous Gift

    It’s the season of giving, and the world’s most prestigious viticultural school has just received a most precious gift for its programs and its students.

     The University of California at Davis has announced a gift of more than $12.5 million from the estate of Napa Valley native Louise Rossi to the campus’s winemaking and grape growing program. The announcement was made in the Napa Valley at a ranch that the Rossi family operated for nearly a century.

     The landmark gift, one of the largest donations ever made to U.C. Davis, represents the Rossi family’s proceeds from the sale of their 52-acre ranch earlier this year. The money will be used to establish a…

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Sonoma County Harvest: The News Is Good

    So, how did the harvest go in California’s Sonoma County wine region this year?

     Glad you asked.

     On November 12, the Sonoma County Vintners and Sonoma County Winegrape Commission hosted the 2nd annual Sonoma County Vintage Report, a comprehensive assessment of the vintage throughout the…

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Dealing With Vinous Leftovers

***image2***     QUESTION: What’s the best way to store partially consumed bottles of wine?

     ANSWER: It depends on the wine, and how long you plan to store it.

     If it’s a white wine and you plan to drink it gradually over the…

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A Tale of Two Turkeys (Turkey Dinners, That Is)

QUESTION: What wines are good with turkey?

     ANSWER: That depends.

     If you’re eating sliced turkey with, perhaps, some mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, then there is only one wine to have…

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