You Ask… We Answer: Local Wine Tasting Opportunities

    NATHAN BUCK WRITES: I’m trying to start my wine tasting, and am barely able to tell the full extent of a good wine. Do you have any

information on classes or meetings in local areas around the states to

help with tasting and learning about wine?

      DEAR NATHAN: A great resource for wine lovers and newcomers to

wine alike is the website

      It’s billed as “the world’s largest food and drink calendar,” and

it enables visitors to search a comprehensive database of event

listings, first by state, and then by region or city. This should be

ideal for your needs, assuming there are events scheduled in your area.

      By the way, this also is a great resource for travelers, as the

website includes listings for numerous countries in addition to the

United States.

      If you don’t find any listings for your area, check the weekly

Food section in your local newspaper, or call the section’s editor and

let him or her know you’d like to read about local wine events in the


      We’ll answer another question tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you have a

question about wine, simply click on the “Ask a Wine Question” icon on

the right side of the homepage.

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