You Ask…We Answer: What Causes Those Headaches?

    MITCH MONTE WRITES: I would like to know what it is about red wines that cause headaches the next day. I can drink three to four glasses of a white wine and feel fine the next day. But three to four glasses of a red wine, and I almost always awake with a headache. Also, is there something that may prevent the headaches if I would like to enjoy several glasses of the red?

      DEAR MITCH: Everybody is different, but there are three possible causes that are most likely:

      1. You may be ingesting too much alcohol. Most doctors recommend one to two glasses per day, not three or four.

     2. Red wine generally has a higher alcohol level than white wine.

      3. Red wine contains a higher level of sulfites, to which some people are very sensitive.

      To help avoid those headaches, assuming sulfites are not the problem, always drink a lot of water when you’re drinking wine. This helps dilute the alcohol, to some degree, and also keeps you well hydrated. Alcohol-related headaches often are caused, at least in part, by dehydration.

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