Hey, What About the Livermore Valley?

    Bordeaux is the world’s best-known wine region — followed by Champagne and Chianti — according to a survey recently conducted by Wine Intelligence.


     The Vinitrac survey of 11,000 wine consumers across 11 countries showed that Bordeaux ranks first in eight of them. It also pinpointed Rioja as the region that’s best at translating awareness into getting consumers to buy.

     Cotes du Rhone wines are particularly successful in northern European countries, such as the U.K., Ireland, Finland and Denmark. Chablis and Provence have relatively high awareness in comparison to the amount of wine sold from these regions.


     In the U.K., wine drinkers follow the overall trend by putting Bordeaux atop their wine awareness list, and Champagne second. Burgundy takes the third slot there.


     The survey, which measured awareness and purchase among 28 regions and appellations, is being repeated this month with 12 different countries..

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