Building the Archives… One Day at a Time

    We’ve always welcomed questions about wine from members, and we try to answer them as promptly as possible.

     However, one question came in just a couple of days before Thanksgiving that we weren’t able to get to right away, given the holiday season rush, travel issues… and, oh, yeah… a meeting of the Vinesse Tasting Panel that took a whole day. (Funny how that happens sometimes.)

     I’ll share the entire note from Jim Longley with you here…


     I know you’ve covered it in newsletters in the past, but I don’t remember: What are good wines with turkey?

     Also, what’s the best way to store partially consumed bottles of wine?

     I suggest you add a useful information section to your website covering these kinds of topics.


     First, a word (or seven) about Jim’s questions…

     Even though Turkey Day has come and gone for another year, we know a lot of folks still have leftovers, and many people also put together a big turkey feast during the December holidays. So, we’ll answer that question tomorrow on

     Then on Wednesday, we’ll tackle Jim’s question regarding what to do with an opened, but not yet finished, bottle of wine.

     We love Jim’s idea about featuring questions-and-answers on various vinous topics here on the website and, in fact, we’re already doing that. Check out the “Wine FAQ” link for a number of archived Q&As.

     Just so you know, we feature questions and answers as often as we can both in The Grapevine newsletter and on And once they’ve appeared, we get them into the “Wine FAQ” archives as quickly as possible.

     So, just like the rest of this site, that section is a work in progress, constantly being added to as new copy is developed. is envisioned as a valuable resource for our club members and other folks who are interested in wine, and it will grow considerably over time, as we post new information each and every day throughout the year.

     Speaking of new information, in addition to providing answers to Jim’s questions, this week we’ll be honoring the memory of an iconic Napa Valley vintner, examining how reclaimed waste water is very good for grapevines, detailing some very good news for the viticultural program at U.C. Davis, assessing the 2007 harvest in Sonoma County… and more.

     So we hope you’ll make a visit to part of your daily Web-surfing.

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