New Access to Wine Shipping Information

    With the launch of a new website and blog dedicated to the issue of the direct shipment of wine, the Specialty Wine Retailers Association aims to keep the wine trade and wine consumers informed and educated on protectionist and unconstitutional efforts to restrict access to wine.

      The new SWRA website includes a storehouse of documents, news

articles, legal briefs and press releases concerning the direct shipping issue. The new blog, “Wine Without Borders,” is updated on a daily basis with commentary on the direct wine shipping issue.

      The new website is located on the Internet at The “Wine Without Borders” blog is located at

      “Consumers and retailers are up against a multi-billion-dollar

distributor industry that consistently puts out misinformation about

wine shipping that demands a response and demands correction,” said Tom

Wark, Executive Director of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association.

      “The new SWRA website and blog is that response and delivers

access to multiple educational sources that consumers and retailers can

use to see the challenge they face from those who work day and night to

restrict access to wine for their own benefit.”

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