Plan Ahead: Great Wine and All That Jazz

    December can seem a trifle dreary after the glories of a California summer, but if you listen very closely, you can hear the opening notes of next year’s Sonoma Jazz + Festival, and that’ll keep you warm!

     Okay, there may be no scientific basis for that assertion, but jazz lovers should still save these dates: Memorial Day weekend, May 22-25, 2008, at the Field of Dreams, Town of Sonoma.

     The tent will rise, and the wine and music will flow, both at the Field and all around the Sonoma Plaza with the festival’s Wine & Song program.

     It’s too early to give away any of Executive Producer Jim Horowitz’s booking plans, but you can count on this fourth edition of the festival to follow in the very big footsteps already laid down: talent on the order of Tony Bennett, Diana Krall, Smokey Robinson, Harry Connick Jr., and much, much more.

     There hasn’t been a dull night yet. Writing in the Oakland Tribune, Jim Harrington remarked of last year’s run: “Just about everything about the four-day event — from the high caliber of entertainment to the efficiency of the way it was run — seemed to put it in the same league as older, more established affairs…”     As Horowitz said after the inaugural show, “Our goal is to build a must-attend cultural event of regional, national and international renown –one that will take its place as a beloved annual ritual of musical harmony and gastronomic bliss with Wine Country’s magical landscape and ambiance as the backdrop.”

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