Let's Keep Those Holiday Celebrations Safe

    One week and one day.

     You don’t need a calendar to know that’s the amount of time remaining before Christmas Day. Whether you celebrate it religiously or commercially or both, it’s a day of relaxation for most Americans. We are a nation of many faiths, but virtually all of us take off and, in some way, commemorate Christmas.

     If wine is going to be a part of your Christmas or other holiday celebration, we ask only one favor: Please enjoy it responsibly. We want you around for 2008.

     Speaking of 2008, next week here on VinesseTODAY.com, we’ll suggest a number of New Year’s Resolutions to help enhance your enjoyment of wine. And, because food is such an important part of many holiday get-togethers, we’ll share a number of recipes featured in the recent “Food Issue” of The Grapevine newsletter.

     Meanwhile, this week you can look forward to stories about the winery architecture of Sonoma County, a woman who is seeking to become Asia’s first Master of Wine, future winemakers honing their skills during the harvest season, and more.

     So check back tomorrow…  and every day…  for your daily dose of wine news here on VinesseTODAY.com.

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