Roasted Garlic Scampi With Minced Prosciutto

If you’re a white wine drinker, here’s a recipe that gets its flavor, in part, from garlic: Roasted Garlic Scampi With Minced Prosciutto.

Begin by roasting some garlic in foil with olive oil for about an hour, and set it aside. Dice a quarter-cup of Prosciutto and saute with four tablespoons of olive oil and some minced shallots for about 15 minutes. Place the ham/shallot mixture in a saute pan on high heat, toss in two lemon wedges, the roasted garlic and two tablespoons of butter.

When the pan and its ingredients are very hot, add butterfly prawns and cook for a few minutes, until they’re done to your liking. Serve with the remaining sauce from the saute pan, and then top with chopped parsley.

For a memorable meal, pour it over fettucine and then open a bottle of your favorite Chardonnay.

Our thanks to the folks at Terra d’Oro and Lockwood Vineyard for sharing these delicious recipes with us.

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