New Year's Resolutions for Wine Drinkers

    As you prepare to pop a few
Champagne corks to bid a final farewell to 2007 and welcome in 2008, here are five resolutions for the New Year…

     1. Resolve to broaden your wine-drinking experiences. Rather than always reaching for a bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon, give some other varieties a try. (The wine clubs of Vinesse feature an amazing array of varieties and blends throughout the year.)

     2. Resolve to drink plenty of water when drinking wine (or any alcoholic beverage, for that matter). The water will keep you hydrated, making it less likely that you’ll feel any ill effects the morning after.

     3. Resolve to patronize restaurants with customer-friendly corkage and “B.Y.O.” policies. Such restaurants have a lower profit margin by being wine-friendly, so they deserve your support as often as possible.

     4. Resolve to leave a few sips from “B.Y.O.” bottles for your server or the kitchen staff. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll be remembered the next time you visit – which means you’ll probably get even better service.

     5. Resolve to share your love of wine with friends. If you know someone who is uncomfortable with or intimidated by wine, take them under your wing and introduce them to some wines with which they’re not familiar. (A gift membership in one of the wine clubs of Vinesse is a great way to help them learn.)

     From all of us to all of you… thanks for visiting us this year, and resolve to visit throughout 2008 for your daily dose of wine news.

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