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Tracking the Wining & Dining Trends of 2008

    Will the hot culinary trends of 2008 continue into the new year, or will they run out of gas and give way to “the next big things”?

     Only time will tell, but some top trends of the year gone could prove to be very good for wine lovers. We’d like to share five -selected by 1,200 chefs who are members of the American Culinary Foundation – and tell you about our own wine experiences with them.

     1. Grass-fed items…


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A Bubbly Place to See and Be Seen

    It has been called Chicago’s most elegant live music club. It’s unquestionably the nation’s most acclaimed Champagne bar.

     It is Pops for Champagne, which opened in 1982 in the Windy City’s Lakeview neighborhood, and two years ago relocated to the historic Tree Studios building on State Street in the downtown River North neighborhood.

     The uniquely designed space encompasses…

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A Warm Way to Welcome the New Year

    I don’t know about you, but over the holidays I was so busy with so many activities that I had absolutely no time to keep one of my personal Christmas traditions alive: concocting a special “brew” to share with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

     Look, even though he works only one night per year, Santa has a tough gig. Not only is he tasked with delivering toys to good little boys and girls all around the world within a single 24-hour period, but he also is compelled to consume literally tons of cookies and tens of thousands of gallons of milk.

     Truth be told, by the time Santa gets around to the ever so humble Johnson abode, he’s ready for anything but…

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For Pinot Noir Fans, Domaine Serene Is a Must-See Estate

    A passion and commitment to produce the world’s best Pinot Noir led Grace and Ken Evenstad not to Burgundy, but to Oregon in 1989.

     There, in the Dundee Hills of the northern Willamette Valley, they founded Domaine Serene. Today, they own thee vineyard estates totaling 462 acres, and have planted approximately one-third of the land to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

     Growing Pinot Noir is one thing. Making great Pinot Noir wine is…

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