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Tips for Displaying.. and Protecting… Your Wine

    Ryan Cropper writes: “I have a library with very tall shelves that I’m using to display all of my wine. The library has a window, and I’m wondering: How does the light affect the wine? Also, the bottles look much better standing up. How long can I leave a bottle standing straight before I need to worry about the cork drying up? Can I rotate the bottles from lying down to standing up on some kind of schedule?”

     Dear Ryan:

     As you’re probably aware, light is one of the three mortal enemies of wine, the others being heat and oxygen. Direct sunlight is the worst, but any kind of light will accelerate a wine’s aging process.

     So if there’s any way you could replace that…

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The Cellar Secrets of Bryan Davison

    We asked Angeline winemaker Bryan Davison to share his keys to winemaking success.

     Davison replied by listing three things: the grapes, the growers and the winemaking process itself.

     Obviously, the grapes and the growers go hand in hand. Davison works with growers in Sonoma County, Napa Valley and the…

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The Mosel: Quality Capital of Riesling

    The world’s greatest bottlings of Riesling are made in Germany, and Germany’s greatest Riesling is made in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region.

     The M-S-R is home to some of the most visually stunning vineyards on Earth. The growers take “hillside planting” to the extreme, as some… 

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How Great Wine Is Made

    Great wines don’t just happen by accident.

     That’s common knowledge among the world’s most respected vintners, who understand that a cooperative Mother Nature is an essential part of the process.

     But there’s more to it than that, so we asked Bryan Davison, the vintner for California’s acclaimed Angeline line, to share his keys to…

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