It's Not Called!

   We’re a full week into the new year and I’m still writing “2007” on my checks.

     I suspect you may be in the same boat.

     I try not to live in the past, but when it comes to checks and the changing of a calendar year, I typically need a few weeks.

     But I can’t let that impact my work. After all, this website is called, not Although we do incorporate a little bit of TOMORROW every so often…

     Speaking of tomorrow, we’ll answer a question about those vacuum pumps that are designed to extend the life of an opened bottle of wine. And the day after tomorrow, we’ll reveal a certain party-goer to be more of an educated wine lover than the magician he is perceived to be.

     Later in the week, we’ll take a look at Australian wine “by the numbers.” For instance, did you know that numerous wineries Down Under offer both fine dining and lodging? How many? Find out on Thursday.

     We’ll also take a look at a wonderful awards program, introduced by the Gallo family, the recognizes artisanal food producers, preview a “green” conference coming to the Napa Valley, and salute the newest member wineries of The Meritage Association.

     Don’t know what “Meritage” means? We’ll explain that as well.

     So be sure to stop by for your daily does of news from the wonderful world of wine… right here on

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