Ponzi Family Builds a New Winery Outside Portland

    The Ponzi family is constructing a new winery, located closer to their vineyards on the east and north faces of Chehalem Mountain, and away from the landfill that has plagued them at the original location in Beaverton, Oregon.

     Nancy Ponzi told Wine Business, “The property – as yet unnamed because the five of us can’t agree (how amazing) – is 42 acres with, as required, 15 acres planted. All soils on the eastern face of Chehalem are Laurelwood; however, we were so surprised to find a deep red color as excavation proceeded.

     “The pond, 1.25 million gallons and already full from recent rains, is located near the entrance. It will be planted to clean the water as it is recycled in from the winery waste water system.”

     Dick Ponzi, one of Oregon’s true wine pioneers, has designed the building to be a functional space.

     At this time, there are no plans for a tasting room at the new facility. The Ponzis will keep their original location and use it for the tasting room.

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