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Lots of Vinous Options for Pizza Night

***image2***(From The Grapevine’s “Cellar Notes by Katie” Feature)

       I don’t always agree with wine critics, particularly some of the better known ones.

       I guess it bothers me that a small handful of individuals can have so much influence over an entire industry.

       There’s no doubt in my mind, for instance, that when big, buttery, oaky Chardonnays began getting 90-plus ratings from a couple of big-name critics, a lot of vintners changed…

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Green Movement Goes Beyond Vineyards

    Black isn’t the only “color” being touted as the “new green” these days.

       Red, as in those precious Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that make up your favorite glass of vino, is seeing green, too.

Valley and

Sonoma winemakers, known for their stellar wine production, are making huge strides in their efforts to grow…

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Will 'Supervine' Lead to Super Wines?

***image2***    Would you drink wine made from genetically engineered grapes if it had extra benefits?

     Such wine could be on the menu, thanks to a grape variety six times richer than normal in resveratrol, the compound in
red wine
associated with increased…

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Plenty of Wine… Not Enough Bottles?

    A glass shortage has
been causing concern for the wine industry in



     The shortfall of
bottles has left some winemakers struggling to meet orders and, although glass
factories are working at full capacity, it’s not certain when the situation
will be resolved.


     The problem is an
amalgamation of…

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Wonderful Memories of 'Pizza Night'

    When I was growing up, Friday night was pizza night at the Johnson house.

     Both of my parents worked, but on most nights, Mom would continue working when she got home by fixing dinner. This was before supermarkets had so many “heat and serve” options in the deli. Every once in a while we’d get Hamburger Helper, but most of the time, we’d eat something that Mom made from scratch.

     Tuna and peas… meatloaf… broiled hamburgers… chicken noodle casserole. It was kind of like having Betty…

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Special Interests Seek to Control Wine Flow

    American alcohol distributors have contributed $50 million to state political campaigns between 2000 and 2006, according to a new report issued by the Specialty Wine Retailers Association.

     The enormous amount of political contributions dwarfs that of any other sector of the American alcohol industry, as well as numerous other groups, and coincides with the enactment of alcohol wholesaler-supported policies in nearly every state that protect the wholesaler.

     “Being one of the only industries in America that enjoys monopoly advantages granted by the state, American alcohol wholesalers have a…

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One Giant Wine Weekend for Sonoma

    The Sonoma County Vintners and Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers have announced the debut of “Sonoma Wine Country Weekend,” a three-day wine, food and auction extravaganza to be held over Labor Day weekend, August 29-31.

    This event combines the best of the Sonoma County Showcase of Wine & Food and the Sonoma Valley Harvest Wine Auction to offer the definitive Sonoma wine country experience and raise Sonoma County’s national profile as a premier wine and food destination.

     Sonoma Wine Country Weekend highlights the diversity and quality of the region, featuring the best of artisan wine and food, and…

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Meritage Group Creates a Revolution

     The Meritage Association, which is kicking off a year-long observance of its 20th anniversary, reached a new milestone in December when Revolution Winery in Ashburn, Va., signed on as the group’s 200th member.

     The association also welcomed its first members from Massachusetts (Red Oak Winery in Middleton) and Arizona (Jerome Winery in Jerome) in 2007.

     “I think it’s fitting that our 200th member is Revolution Winery,” said Julie Weinstock, Meritage Association chairman, “because when we…

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For Sale: Winery (Includes Mansion!)

    Ever wanted to get into the wine business?

     A Sunol, Calif., vineyard that includes an historic stone mansion and an events business is on the market for $5.02 million, the East Bay Business Times reports.

     Owner Donna Flavetta decided to sell Elliston Vineyards along with other East Bay assets, pay off her debts, and retain commercial and residential properties in Arizona and Hawaii, said…

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Merlot Is Back and Standing Tall

  Three years after a fictional wine snob in a popular Hollywood movie knocked one of America’s best-selling red wine varietals “Sideways,” wine drinkers once again are enthusiastically embracing Merlot.

     During the 12-month period ending December 7, 2007, dollar sales of domestically produced Merlots rose 6%, paced by category leader Blackstone Winery, whose benchmark Merlot jumped 11.6% in sales in the last four-week period alone.

     Blackstone Merlot has been featured several times through the…

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