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Lots of Vinous Options for Pizza Night

***image2***(From The Grapevine’s “Cellar Notes by Katie” Feature)

       I don’t always agree with wine critics, particularly some of the better known ones.

       I guess it bothers me that a small handful of individuals can have so much influence over an entire industry.

       There’s no doubt in my mind, for instance, that when big, buttery, oaky Chardonnays began getting 90-plus ratings from a couple of big-name critics, a lot of vintners changed…

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Green Movement Goes Beyond Vineyards

    Black isn’t the only “color” being touted as the “new green” these days.

       Red, as in those precious Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that make up your favorite glass of vino, is seeing green, too.

Valley and

Sonoma winemakers, known for their stellar wine production, are making huge strides in their efforts to grow…

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Will 'Supervine' Lead to Super Wines?

***image2***    Would you drink wine made from genetically engineered grapes if it had extra benefits?

     Such wine could be on the menu, thanks to a grape variety six times richer than normal in resveratrol, the compound in
red wine
associated with increased…

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Plenty of Wine… Not Enough Bottles?

    A glass shortage has
been causing concern for the wine industry in



     The shortfall of
bottles has left some winemakers struggling to meet orders and, although glass
factories are working at full capacity, it’s not certain when the situation
will be resolved.


     The problem is an
amalgamation of…

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