Proemio: A Dream Come True in Tupungato

    A dream is a delicate thing. But when three friends share a common dream, it can be a powerful thing.

     In mid-2002, three friends in the wine business decided to pursue their common dream. They decided to pool their resources and their talents to produce wines that would be embraced by the most demanding wine drinkers in their Argentina homeland and around the world.

     That is how Proemio Wines came to be, and today Proemio is producing sought-after renditions of Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonardo and Syrah.

     Each wine is made in limited quantity, with well-defined characteristics of the specific variety. Meticulous care of the grapevines extends to the cellar, as the Proemio vintner combines skilled craftsmanship and technology throughout the process.

     Argentina’s Tupungato area – part of the vast Mendoza region – is Proemio’s home.

     Tupungato is known and hailed for its rocky soil, ideal altitude and abundant exposure to the Andes sun, all of which contribute to the health of the winegrapes and, ultimately, to the quality of the finished wines.

     Inside the Proemio winery, noted for its high walls and bamboo roof, a modern cooling system provides the perfect environment for aging wine. The finest French and American oak barrels also are available to the winemaker.

     All in all, it’s easy to understand why Proemio’s wines are so sublime.

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